Tamara Thompson


Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson - PMHNP

Tamara Thompson grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She completed her undergraduate studies at University of Washington. She completed her PMHNP degree at Vanderbilt University. She has practiced for greater than 20 years in private practice treating patients with psychiatric issues and has a wealth of experience in treating conditions ranging from anxiety to bipolar disorder. In addition, she has experience treating those with substance use disorders and previously treated children and adolescents as well. Chiefly, she really takes a very patient centered approach towards her visits.

Tamara’s Clinical Interests

For the most part, she draws upon a variety of theoretical frameworks which include: identifying how thoughts and beliefs impact behavior (CBT,) examining how past experiences (positive and negative/traumatic) have shaped ways of coping; developing insight and increasing self management skills/ ( DBT) , and learning Breathing/ Muscle Relaxation to reduce acute distress. Accordingly, Skills taught and medications utilized are based on research, ( best practices); proven effective for hundreds of clients. She is an expert in assisting clients who present with difficulties that range from everyday stress (relationship issues, life transitions, grief, coping with job or academic stress, ( ADHD); but is also able to provide expert medical care for more complex conditions such as those suffering from : deep depression, suicidal thinking, erratic mood swings, panic attacks, obsessions / compulsions, symptoms relating to past trauma, ( PTSD -avoidance, flashbacks /nightmares) and substance abuse . 

Personal Interests: Spending time with family, Volunteer work

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