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Medication Management

Experience one to two psychotherapy sessions along with specialized medication management from the comfort of your home.

Our experts specialize in prescribing the lowest effective dose, ensuring you receive just what you need.

Overcome Depression & Anxiety

Customized Therapeutic Strategies
Integrated Counseling, Lifestyle Changes & Medication
Supportive Healing Environment
Flexible, Accessible Care Schedules
Continuous Support & Follow-up
Collaborative Wellness Journey

Virtual Care, Real Results

• Convenient Home-Based Psychiatric Services
• Affordable & Accessible

ADHD Diagnostic Testing

Ensure you’re getting the right treatment for your symptoms.
Tailored treatment strategies to suit your unique needs.
Strategies that help improve daily function in school, work, & your
personal life.
Early detection can lead to better long-term outcomes.

Genetic Insights for Mental Wellness

Discover personalized mental health care through genetic testing.

Unlock targeted treatments and medication compatibility suited to your genetic profile.

Trusted partner in your mental health journey.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Dr Toy is amazing and is always willing to work with my schedule and personal life issues
Dr Ozan, is beyond knowledgeable. He is patient and truly listens. He is teaching me coping mechanisms. I could not be happier. Thank you
Dr. Saheli shows that she cares for her patient. She follows up with issues from the prior visit. And she is punctual. Seeing her is a pleasant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


What insurance providers do you accept?

We accept most major insurance providers. We also have self-pay options. If you have insurance or payment questions, please contact us at 888-903-5505.


What types of services do you offer?

We offer a range of services, including medication management, psychotherapy, ADHD testing, genetic testing, TMS, and remote monitoring. We also offer the majority of these services as virtual care. 


What is medication management?

Medication management is about reviewing your medication and ensuring that it is working properly for you. We work with you to ensure that you are taking your medication as prescribed. We check for their effectiveness and for side effects, making adjustments as necessary. 


What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, is a method of treating mental health issues through conversations with a mental health professional. It helps individuals understand their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and develop coping strategies.


How is genetic testing used for mental health care?

Genetic testing is used in mental health care to help identify and figure out how you will respond to different medications, allowing for the creation of a more personalized treatment plan for you. Genetic testing can also reveal if you have an increased risk for certain psychiatric disorders. It is a tool to help customize your treatment. 


What type of remote monitoring do you offer?

We offer a range of remote monitoring options in order to help you stay on top of your health. We offer pill tracking to help you stay on top of taking your medications. 

We also offer sleep and weight tracking, as we understand that taking care of your mental health is also about taking care of your physical health and that both are connected. We also have remote blood pressure monitoring. 


What type of mental health conditions do you treat?

We treat a wide range of mental health conditions, with a focus on depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, insomnia, and addiction. If you are experiencing mental health issues, we can work with you to get you the treatment you need.


What locations do you offer mental health care in?

As a virtual clinic, we are able to offer care in a variety of states. Right now, we offer care in Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington state. 


Can I refer patients to you?

Yes, we accept patient referrals from other medical providers. Please fill out the information on our patient referral page so we can work together to provide your patients with the best possible care. 

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