Bengi B. Melton, MD

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Bengi B. Melton, MD, is a board-certified integrative psychiatrist specializing in assessing and treating adults. She has lived and practiced in Houston, Texas since 2000, starting with my psychiatry training at Baylor College of Medicine.

As she spent most of her career in academic settings, she enjoyed teaching and supervising psychiatry residents, physician assistants, and medical students. Her training and practice have been heavily based on the utilization of psychotherapy and medications when needed. 

Dr. Melton believes in the power of collaborative therapeutic work and an informed decision-making process when it comes to co-creating an individualized treatment plan. This way, plans will yield personalized goals and meaningful treatment outcomes for the person. 

She has decades of experience using psychotherapy modalities as well as medications. Dr. Melton enjoys helping and supporting adults with concerns such as post-traumatic stress disorder, women and LGBTQIA+ mental health, veterans, suicidal behaviors, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Dr. Melton delves deeper into her work with patients to understand the nature of their problems and potential causes. Making lifestyle changes, modifying diet and activities, creating structures, and developing healthy and effective habits can bring a lot of positive changes in one’s life and can help reduce anxiety and mood issues. 

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Melton enjoys hiking, yoga, meditation/yoga nidra, and swimming.

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