Gezel Saheli, MD

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Gezel Saheli attended medical school at TUMS and completed her post-graduate training at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and New York Medical College, where she represented the Committee of Interns and Residents. 

Subsequently, she started her postgraduate journey in internal medicine, where counseling anxious patients and effective patient-centered communication were the most rewarding parts of her training. 

Dr. Gezel Saheli practices with an Integrative wellness approach to improve her patients’ physical and mental health. Ultimately, she aims to help them restore wellness in their lives.

Dr. Saheli’s Clinical Interests

Dr. Gezel Saheli is passionate about integrative, collaborative medicine and behavioral addictions, including food addiction-related obesity.

She firmly believes that through a strong, transparent, and collaborative patient-physician relationship, it is possible to relieve the debilitating burden of psychosomatic diseases and achieve a healthy state of mind.

She is excited to play a role in advancing the revolution we are seeing in neuropsychiatry wellness, especially regarding TMS and the development of new treatment modalities. 

In conclusion, she is committed to providing thoughtful and individualized treatment to those she serves. 

Dr. Saheli’s Personal Interests

Her hobbies include hiking, dancing, and volunteering in fundraising events for charities and schools. Furthermore, she enjoys spending time with her family as well.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Closed Saturday & Sunday

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