Jack Gift, LCSW

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Jack Gift LCSW is an adult board-certified clinical social worker licensed in Arizona and Utah.

Jack came to mental health therapy after working as a social worker with several populations, including people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral challenges, people with traumatic brain injuries, and people with substance use disorders.

His interest in becoming a therapist evolved from a general interest in understanding and relieving human suffering. His areas of focus include depressive disorders, anxiety, substance use disorders, chronic pain, and personality disorders. He has worked with a wide range of other diagnostic categories as well.

Jack’s general approach to working with patients is based on the assumption that most people are the best experts in their own lives. He likes to work with people in partnership to assist them in defining problems and finding individualized solutions based on their strengths and desires. 

He has worked exclusively in telehealth since July of 2022. He enjoys working from a home office and not commuting to work. His ideal patient is simply an adult or teenager who wants to find solutions to their problem.

Personal Interests

Outside of his interests as a therapist, he enjoys writing and editing almost anything.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Closed Saturday & Sunday

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