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New Patient Inquiry and Insurance Verification


If you are new to Telapsychiatry, it is vital that Telapsychiatry is able to verify your insurance benefits prior to your appointment to determine the cost of your visit. Please fill out the information below so we can perform insurance verification and notify you in 24 hours of your coverage.

Please make sure to provide the information below prior to using our “Book Now” feature to schedule an appointment.

new patients


ID Card (Driver’s License or other)

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Primary Insurance Card

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Secondary Insurance Card

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Accepted insurances

Insurance Eligibility and Verification Tips and Information

It is helpful for patient’s to know their benefits and deductibles ahead of their appointment. You can access your information through your online insurance portal or alternatively, by calling your health plan.

What to expect regarding payments

  • Many commercial insurance plans have high deductibles. This means you must pay for services until you have met your deductible prior to your insurance covering the majority of your costs. Once a deductible has been met, then you may have a small co-pay that needs to be paid for your visits.
  • Telapsychiatry always attempts to check your benefits (copays/deductibles/co-insurance) on health insurance plan portal websites and we also try to call your insurance plan to verify your benefits, however despite this, we may not be able to always retrieve accurate information from your insurance carrier.
  • At times, Telapsychiatry must wait insurance companies to reimburse our claims to find out patient portion of the co pay or deductible, which can delay our invoices, and sometimes it can be a few months before we can sort out the payment issues. Please be patient with us.
  • Ultimately, the final obligation of payment of services rests with the patient, but we try our best to make sure that patients are aware of the costs prior to their first appointment
  • Please inform us of any changes in your insurance coverage or mental health benefits as soon as you are aware so we can identify any changes to your patient responsibility.


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